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Personalized Managed IT Services at Your Fingertips


UCS Managed IT Services and packages are customized to your organization’s specific needs. This ensures your daily IT operations run smoothly and attention is devoted to the areas that matter to you.

With a UCS Managed Services contract you have access to a team ready to fill in gaps, manage updates, monitor and analyze your infrastructure, report on performance, and much more.

And with an average of 20 years of experience across our team, you can be confident that your IT environment will be managed efficiently. We’ll even collaborate with your team to improve your infrastructure performance.

Managed IT Services Benefits

Whether your organization’s requirements are for occasional assistance to address a specific incident or for daily management and administration of your systems, Mainline Managed IT Services offers you a customizable solution to help you run an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure.

Mainline’s US-based engineers have vast knowledge in the various disciplines required to manage a technology infrastructure. You can be confident knowing that the Mainline team is engaged to ensure your projects run smoothly

Efficient Use of Resources

Mainline managed IT support provides resource optimization. We believe in having the right skills when you need them.




Customized to Requirements

You can design a customized package that combines services. Let us reduce risk by having experts manage the IT infrastructure to a consistent standard.


Agile Systems Management

Employees can focus on key initiatives and business goals. Get access to US-based subject matter experts.


Long-term Solution

Flexible support levels to choose what you need. Find a solution that works for your needs and reduce capex and infrastructure costs.


Alternative to Outsourcing

Managed Services resources can reside at your IT location or remotely – you choose the best model that works for your needs.

Additional Managed Services Benefits Include:

  • Overcome performance challenges

  • Fulfill compliance requirements

  • Transition to new tech

  • Fill skill gaps

  • Receive legacy systems support

  • Cut operating expenses